Free smilies

Free Smilies

Animal smilie Animals
Ashamed smilie Ashamed
Character smilie Character
Confused smilie Confused
Cool smilie Cool
Evil grin smilie Evilgrin
Fighting smilie Fighting
Happy smilie Happy
Indifferent smilie Indifferent
Innocent smilie Innocent
Jumping smilie Jumping
Love smilie Love
Mad smilie Mad
Party smilie Party
Rolleye smilie Rolleye
Sad smilie Sad
Scared smilie Scared
Sick smilie Sick
Sign smilie Sign
Tongue smilie Tongue
Winking smilie Winking
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Welcome to Smilies HQ .com - The #1 free smilies website!

Smilies HQ .com offers hundreds of free smilies. Unlike other free emoticons / smilies websites, Smilies HQ .com is 100% free of Spyware, Adware and Viruses, so you can browse with a smile on your face. This smilies site will never make you frown smilie.

We offer hundreds of smilies to you for free - no catch! All smilies can be downloaded and used in chat programs such as MSN, AIM and AOL. They can also be used in any forum! We have even included the forum code for you under the smilies for direct linking! Thanks for visiting Smilies HQ .com and we hope you enjoy our free smilies!

Free Smilies

Animal smilie Animals In love smilie Love
Embarassed smilie Ashamed Angry smilie Mad
Character smilie Character Party smilie Party
Surprised smilie Confused Rolling eyes smilie Rolleye
Sunglasses smilie Cool Sad smilie Sad
Angry smilie Evilgrin Afraid smilie Scared
Fight smilie Fighting Ill smilie Sick
Smiling smilie Happy Sign smilie Sign
Undecided smilie Indifferent Tongue smilie Tongue
Innocent smilie Innocent Winking smilie Winking
Jump smilie Jumping  

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